Vacancies – Women’s Rugby & Transformation Officer

Job description:

The ideal Women’s Rugby & Transformation Officer will be a strong leader with excellent communication skills and a commitment to building a transformed, equal society. They will need to be a firm negotiator, have an eye for detail, and be capable of handling adversity.

The WR&T Officer will be tasked with ensuring that SADRA adheres to SARU’s Strategic Transformation Plan, that fair opportunities are given to all, and that a foundation is laid for the future of Deaf Women’s Rugby in South Africa.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Identify and recruit players for Deaf women’s rugby in South Africa.
  • Review SADRA’s transformation progress and goals.
  • Assist Provincial committees in forming the necessary structures to form women’s teams and hold fixtures for said teams.
  • Identify talent in demographics that are underrepresented within SADRA structures for possible future roles.
  • Serve as a voting member on the SADRA Executive Committee

Qualifications and experience:

  • Experience working with the Deaf community is preferred.
  • Knowledge of SASL is preferred.
  • Computer/technology literate.

Application/Nomination process:

Apply by submitting a CV not longer than 2 pages using the form below.

Job type:
Volunteer, potential for remuneration based on sponsorship commissions & growth of the organization.

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