Vacancies – Vice President

Job description:

The ideal Vice President will be a strong leader with excellent communication skills – both oral and, preferably, with at least basic skills in South African Sign Language. They will need to be able to effectively run a committee, be a skilled mediator, have impeccable project management skills, and be able to adhere to and apply the SADRA constitution. Their primary role will be to assist and stand in for the President in the execution of their duties, along with overseeing a particular portfolio whilst not covering presidential duties – currently the Public Relations portfolio.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Oversee the duties of the Public Relations portfolio on the Executive Committee
  • Oversee and assist all other roleplayers in all aspects of Public Relations.
  • Assist with management of press releases, social media, advertising etc as falls within the scope of Public Relations.
  • Hold veto power over brand alignment in terms of sponsorship agreements.
  • Assist and stand in for the President in their execution of the following duties:
  • Oversee all aspects of event organisation to ensure all relevant personnel are on task, on deadline, and focused on the success of the event.
  • Mediate in disputes between various roleplayers within SADRA (eg – appeals regarding quotes where Marketing & Provincial Chairpersons are at odds)
  • Oversee, in conjunction with the Marketing Team, arrangements for the Stones Cup tournament and other SADRA events, if any.
  • Appoint the National Selection Committee to select and announce the national team.
  • Oversee all ad hoc and other committees as required by the Constitution
  • Chair all official SADRA meetings
  • Act as direct liaison with SARU
  • Serve as a voting member on the SADRA Executive Committee

Qualifications and experience:

  • Experience working with the Deaf community is preferred.
  • Knowledge of SASL is preferred.
  • Computer/technology literate.
  • Experience in a leadership capacity, preferably in a rugby-related post, preferred.

Nomination process:

Confirm acceptance of your nomination by submitting a CV, in .pdf format and not longer than 2 pages, using the form below.

Job type:
Volunteer, potential for remuneration based on sponsorship commissions & growth of the organization.

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