Vacancies – Assistant Marketing Manager

Job description:

The ideal Assistant Marketing Manager will be a strong leader with excellent communication skills. They will need to network with various stakeholders and manage the marketing team effectively. Managing digital marketing campaigns is a key part of the role, as is presenting to and negotiating with potential sponsors. Their primary role will be to assist the Marketing Manager in the performance of their duties.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Assist with sourcing and maintaining sponsors for SADRA events.
  • Manage marketing and advertising of SADRA events including, but not limited to, the website and social media pages.
  • Maintain transparent communication of funding, sponsorship and arrangements for SADRA events.
  • Oversee and approve quotes received from provincial chairpersons and other officials involved in SADRA events where the Marketing Manager is unavailable and/or delegates such tasks to them.
  • Manage budget and finances until such time as a qualified Financial Officer is appointed where the Marketing Manager is unavailable and/or delegates such tasks to them.
  • Stand in as a voting member of the SADRA Executive Committee when the Marketing Manager is unavailable to do so.

Qualifications and experience:

  • Experience working with the Deaf community is preferred.
  • Knowledge of SASL is preferred.
  • Computer/technology literate.
  • Marketing or related qualification preferred.
  • Marketing experience preferred.

Application/Nomination process:

Apply below by submitting a CV not longer than 2 pages.

Job type:
Volunteer, potential for remuneration based on sponsorship commissions & growth of the organization.

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