South African Deaf Rugby stands with Black Lives Matter

July 22, 2020
The South African Deaf Rugby national team in a huddle prior to a Test against world champions Wales in August 2015. SA Deaf Rugby is one of the more transformed sports bodies in South Africa, with 76% of its player base being people of colour.

The South African Deaf Rugby Association (SADRA) has spent some time giving thought to the words we want to say in light of the Black Lives Matter movement. It is not enough to add one’s voice, without doing the introspection and reflection that such a significant issue and moment demands.

One of the greatest challenges of our time is injustice. Inequality. Discrimination.

We stand with Siya Kolisi in saying #BlackLivesMatter.

Rugby is a game for all – no matter your shape, size, gender, race, culture, ability or nationality.

76% of our registered players are of colour. SADRA is a South African union, and we hope that, as a 76% black union, we matter to you, our supporters.

It’s easy to simply “jump on the bandwagon” with these statements, and just as easy to misunderstand or misappropriate them – #BlackLivesMatter does not mean that other lives don’t. It’s an affirmation to those who need to know it right now. In South Africa, our needs and challenges are different to those in America, but the answers to how we should respond lie in the same place:

Be kind. Be human. Lift up others in need, regardless of the differences between us. Be the spirit of ubuntu wherever you find yourself. After all, we are #StrongerTogether!

Strength to Strength,
The South African Deaf Rugby Association